Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A-Cho HSF2* Videos 021008

* Only HF, SSF2 and Old ST versions of characters were allowed at this tournament.
ARCADE -> 大会動画 (sixth link down on the left)

acho_hs2_20080210a.asx - Sako (O.Hawk) vs. Kusumondo (O.Honda)
acho_hs2_20080210b.asx - Gunze (S Zangief) vs. ARG (S Claw)**
acho_hs2_20080210c.asx - DanjiriDhalsim (HF Ryu) vs. Nekonohi (HF Sagat)
acho_hs2_20080210d.asx - Komoda (S Blanka) vs. Seki (O.DJ)

acho_hs2_20080210e.asx - Prince (S Ryu) vs. Kusumondo (O.Honda)
acho_hs2_20080210f.asx - Gunze (S Zangief) vs. Otochun (HF Ryu)
acho_hs2_20080210g.asx - DanjiriDhalsim (HF Ryu) vs. Aniken (O.Ken)
acho_hs2_20080210h.asx - Seki (O.DJ) vs. Futachan (S Ryu)

acho_hs2_20080210i.asx - Kusumondo (O.Honda) vs. Gunze (S Zangief)
acho_hs2_20080210j.asx - Aniken (O.Ken) vs. Futachan (S Ryu)

acho_hs2_20080210k.asx - 3rd Place: Futachan vs. Gunze

acho_hs2_20080210l.asx - Finals: Aniken vs. Kusumondo

** There's some weirdness with Claw's wall dive where his opponent will face away from the wall he came from when they block. This works with O.Claw in SSF2T, too.


  1. hehe Gunze vs Otochun was nice :)

    off-topic question: Do you know if "Gotoh" the Aulbath-player in the latest Mikado Vampire Hunter bout was the same Gotoh playing Ryu?

  2. in the second match between gief and claw. what was claw doing to make gief block it like it was a crossup?

  3. the dude - Yeah same guy. AKA Gotobas. Check here (#35) for Gotoh vs. Daigo.

    709 - I'm pretty sure that's just something that happens normally with SSF2 Claw and O.Claw.

  4. hmm, you must have to have it blocked real late and low because I've never done that with O.Claw. Wierd

  5. Glad to see Sako at least playing some form of 2D fighters.

    A couple of Japanese VS players on GGPO had said that he had quit 2D fighters to play Beatmania :(

    Let's Hope he makes a comeback for the upcoming Darkstalkers Combination Cup.

    He's too good of a VS player to stop playing.

  6. It's too bad that there isn't more fanfare for the a-cho capcom olympics. As far as I can tell, neither sako nor any of the other multi-game guys tokido, nuki, etc. have participated in that. It'd be cool if that event could be hyped enough that it drew international competition.

    BTW last regular SBO Q coming up on sunday. I'll post a new list later.

  7. Thanks for keeping SSF2 and HSF2 interest alive. Appreciate your efforts on this site and look forward to links to more awesome videos.