Monday, June 30, 2008

Super Turbo Videos 062808

Sure has been slow lately on the video front. How about a little local action? Here are some miscellaneous vids from a recent tourney:

David D. (Ryu) vs. Rahsaan (Dhalsim)

Frankie (Boxer, Guile) vs. Damdai (Zangief)

Chris D. (Chun-Li) vs. FlashG (Claw)

Julian R. (Claw, DeeJay) vs. Jeron (Chun-Li)

David D. (Ryu) vs. Damdai (Zangief)

RashReflection (Boxer) vs. Jeron (Chun-Li)

NH2 (Blanka) vs. JustinW (O.Ken, Boxer)

David D. (Ryu) vs. Julian R. (Claw)

FlashG (Claw) vs. Damdai (Zangief, Ryu)

Chris D. (Chun-Li) vs. Rahsaan (Dhalsim)

FlashG (Claw) vs. Chris D. (Chun-Li)

JustinW (O.Sagat) vs. Damdai (Zangief, Ryu)

Thank you to Damdai for posting these. Check out his 2DF FreePlay client for some online SSF2T action. It's got built-in stats tracking, automatic replays plus you can play a slew of old games besides ST including some multiplayer shooting and beat 'em up titles.


  1. You're advertising 2df nicely, but when am I going to actually get to play you on it? :P

    I need to play against a good blanka before you beat me up in a tournament or something :)

  2. Thanx for the vids Mr Nohoho. Do you play on 2df at all ? Or online for that matter ?


  3. I've got an old mac (and no game systems except DS) so I can't play online.

    Brian - Fung Wah bus lets out a couple blocks away from the arcade. Pot this time would have netted you.... nearly the cost of a round trip ticket! Heh but yeah I would like to get some games sometime.

  4. Honestly the last time I was at CTF I could not play on the ST machine *at all*. As in, when I was on the left side I couldnt maintain a charge or even block.

    I think it was because it was a small machine, and so my hands were cocked at an awkward angle standing next to some big dude. The dude I played against realized this and spent all our games trying to get onto my right side lol..

    So I dunno, I'm not super excited about travelling to CTF..

    I also prefer Jap sticks these days..

  5. I smell some Komoda-magic in your matches. :p

  6. Walk-in bite attempt at the end of match 1:

    There were a couple accidental balls. I just had an epiphany about that: up until now I thought I had been missing the diagonals (when looking for slide punch but getting ball) but it's more likely that I'm doing
    back, towards, down-towards + punch (or kick as the case may be)