Monday, March 17, 2008

Shirone Chance 102707 Vids Part Two

Does Ikari Gauge MAX (bane of Aniken, yaya & Daigo @ X-Mania 7) work against the Nagata onslaught?

Again guessing about some players (Nia and Takei are iffy.) Made the files a little smaller. Divx .avi 15-35MB.

Mattsun (Cammy, Ryu, Ken) vs. Shogatsu (CE Boxer, CE Claw, O.Honda)

Komoda (DeeJay, Blanka, Guile) vs. Takei (Ken, Ryu, Boxer)

KKY (CE Dictator, Blanka, Dhalsim) vs. Suzuki (Zangief, O.Hawk, Ryu)

unknown (Dictator, Chun-Li, Ryu) vs. Shogatsu (CE Boxer, CE Claw, O.Honda)

Nia (CE Guile, Dictator, E.Honda) vs. Hatakeyama (CE Ken, Guile, Ryu)

Komoda (DeeJay, Blanka, Guile) vs. KKY (CE Dictator, Blanka, Dhalsim)

Shogatsu (CE Boxer, CE Claw, O.Honda) vs. Hatakeyama (CE Ken, Guile, Ryu)

Komoda (DeeJay, Blanka, Guile) vs. Shogatsu (CE Boxer, CE Claw, O.Honda)


  1. Geezus, you weren't kidding about Shogatsu. That man plays just in the pocket so well with O.Honda. Really, after a few matches, you ask yourself, "what the hell will work on this guy?!" And I think Komoda just about has the charge characters down lol

  2. No kidding. That guy is a beast!

  3. at 3:43 last match, the shogatsu sweep into thousand hands was sweet. To be fair, very good defence on komoda's part to see that second leg coming on the turnaround.

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  6. Links don't work for me either, Nohoho sensei. My impatient gauge reaching MAX!


  7. Please fix the links, thanks!

  8. I want to make love to you all!

    h/t Benigni

    Yeah that stuff is beyond my control.

    I re-upped 11, 15, 16 and 17 here:

  9. nohoho said...
    I want to make love to you all!

    Fatboy Replies...
    Sure! But you're the "catcher!"

  10. Tons of Gems in 11. It is a blanka students paradise!


  11. Yo hohonos! You got to watch your favorite matchup--Blanka vs. Honda in the finals! Komoda's DeeJay isn't half bad either.

  12. N.Honda's stupid command throw is like a "no biting" sign. And Blanka just had his fangs sharpened...

    The boss says he's trying to sort out hosting issues

  13. the broken links are all my fault, sorry fellas

    my hosting company tried to pull a fast one on me, and I ain't gonna let that fly, no sir

    I'm working on it :)

  14. Downloads are back in action. Suzuki nearly came up with some heroics vs. kky.

  15. What's this mean: Does Ikari Gauge MAX (bane of Aniken, yaya & Daigo @ X-Mania 7) work against the Nagata onslaught?

  16. ^ It means "Is the tiger going to prove we are the kittens?"

  17. "Is Jimmy gonna have to choke a bitch?"


    Yeah but seriously it's a riff on something Gian and Otochun discussed on the X-Mania 7 commentary.
    "Is Komoda fired up enough to beat Shogatsu" <- real meaning

  18. Why the special treatment for Shogatsu? There was another Mikado not too long ago where the winners got to face off against Shogatsu, like he was a boss character or something.

  19. Thanks for getting these online!

    Nagata Shogatsu is a top player and simply gets wins (though I was disappointed to see anyone that used CE chars do so well). But in general, Komoda is like the don, he's the godfather. I'll let the vids speak for themselves but maybe it was tough for Komoda due to the particular character match-up for an extra hurdle.

    Last Saturday we had the monthly tournament at Shirone CHANCE, this one on ST thankfully. (btw There will be a Tougeki ST qualifier at Niigata POPY in April, I think 12th/13th, and something on 26th... I will certainly try to get to these.)

    Anyway on Sat., Suzuki teamed with TAU (Taura-san) which may have been the best team, but they got taken out by Nomura's guile early on. Taura was very close to taking out Nomura- and that was guile vs. guile, no less. Taura is very tricky. BUY's team won it all, they took out me and a local Gief player, before the final with Nomura's. I'm happy though, with a moral victory after finally beating a boxer player's team that I always lost to anytime we ever played in a tournament.

    Suzuki said o.Hawk is mid-tier and new hawk at the bottom (though you wouldn't know it from my matches with him! I only won about 3 times in all our many pre/post tourny games). I asked about HD Remix and kaillera but I don't think anyone was really aware of either (I heard Nomura might play kaillera sometimes, didn't talk to him though). Anyway Suzuki for one certainly doesn't need better dives or 180 pile drivers, as KKY found out when that vid was recorded.


  20. 1244 - It was just that Mikado event where he got special treatment. The theme was kind of a play on the name of his Yoga Killing art. What with it being new years and all. Here he just happened to win.

    David - Thanks for the scoop! If it weren't for your reporting from Chance I wouldn't have grabbed that file in the first place (there was no information included.)

    With a good connection it seems that Kaillera p2p works reasonably well coast-to-coast (and even east coast-to-europe) so cross pacific battles should be do-able. I guess there's already some hot international Vampire Savior going on. It'd be dope if that could catch on with ST.

  21. I uploaded parts 10,12,13 and 14 for those who are having trouble. Enjoy!

  22. Oops. Forogt the link!