Monday, March 10, 2008

Shirone Chance 102707 Vids Part One

These matches come from a tourney that went down last October in Niigata. A bunch of bruisers came in from out of town and turned a local ranking battle into a special event. Solo 3on with no duplicate characters allowed.

XSPR kindly posted a detailed tourney report here.

Some of the names below are guesses. Suzuki @ Hawk and Suzuki @ Guile are two different players. Files are divx .avi 20-50MB - they should work with VLC.

unknown (CE Ken, Ryu, CE Guile) vs. Pony (CE Ken, Zangief, T.Hawk)

KKY (CE Dictator, Blanka, Dhalsim) vs. unknown (CE Sagat, Fei-Long, CE Ken)

BUY (Claw, O.Sagat, CE Dictator) vs. Tsunoppi (WW Ken, Guile, Cammy)

unknown (DeeJay, Boxer, Ryu) vs. Shogatsu (CE Boxer, CE Claw, O.Honda)

Isaji (Chun-Li, Cammy, O.Ken) vs. Mattsun (Cammy, Ryu, Ken)

unknown (CE Sagat, Ryu, CE Ken) vs. Komoda (DeeJay, Blanka, Guile)

Pony (CE Ken, Zangief, T.Hawk) vs. Komoda (DeeJay, Blanka, Guile)

KKY (CE Dictator, Blanka, Dhalsim) vs. unknown (Zangief, Chun-Li, Claw)

BUY (Claw, O.Sagat, CE Dictator) vs. Suzuki (Zangief, O.Hawk, Ryu)


  1. I watched a bunch of these. Great to see fresh ST vids from the "home-land"! WW Ken does so much damage!


    That should be the title, Nohoho sensei:3 DLing now.

  3. ^^; No Komoda Guile action at all. No one can pass his Blanka?

  4. Aren't these matches great? I really like the solo 3on format for ST.

    Shogatsu was the king that day. His O.Honda is so effing nasty. I'll try to get the next batch up by monday.

  5. I only watched Komoda's ones so far, man his Blanka is way tooooooooo good.


  6. Those were some very very nice matches. Komoda's Blanka zaniness and extremely strong Dee Jay have been added to my collection of videos for the foreseeable future. Thanks for the heads up Tian, and great find as always for Nonoho.