Saturday, March 8, 2008

Newton Ranbat 030808 Vid

Yoshio vs. Gian

Overall results from season one after eight events:
1st Gian
2nd Yoshio
3rd Taira
4th ryu
5th Shiro

Season two starts April 12th.

In other tourney news...

- The first SBO ST qualifier is April 6th at Nagase UFO. Last one is July 6th at Shinjuku Las Vegas. Total of 28 qualifiers. I'm assuming two last chance teams and two international teams like last year.

- This year's Club Sega 5on5 - "The Gian Cup"(?) - is on May 4th.

- 3on3 tourney at Mikado the end of this month might be its last -- the joint is closing down (and possibly moving.) Naka (Cammy) and K (T.Hawk) won last week's 2on, by the way.


  1. Any links to vids?? Just wondering.

  2. Mikado? You know I'll post when they're up, ray!

    Also a-cho and kasugai 50 vids on the way, maybe. A-cho had a HF, Super and O.ST only HSF2 tourney. Actually sounds like a pretty good way to play that game. Aniken won with O.Ken of course.

  3. The O.Chars (not SSF2) go way up in HSF. They can't be tech'd in their throw. Makes the few good charcters go up a whole level IMHO. But, WTF do I know...LOL

    No surpise Aniken won. Sick player!


  4. Well in an HF, Super and O.ST only tourney nobody can tech hit.

    By O.ST I mean when you have an ST logo instead of a super bar in the corner of the screen.

  5. Agreed!

    I think we are saying generally same thing.

    I was just making a statement to how the ST chars lose the abilty to tech the O.Characters in HSF2.(compared to ST.)

    The Komoda Blanka vids in this batch are priceless.

    Thanks again!


  6. is there going to be another SBO qualifer in the US other than MWC?