Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mikado Ranbat 051907 Vids

The fifth ssf2x ranking battle at Mikado used a solo 2on format. - K (Fei/O.Hawk) vs. Yuubou (O.Hawk/Fei) - Noguchi (O.Sagat/Fei) vs. Muteki (Chun/DJ)* - KKY (Boxer/Dhalsim) vs. Gian (Ryu/Dhalsim) - Taira (Sagat/Dictator) vs. Akashachi Kancho (O.Honda/Blanka) - Noguchi vs. K - KKY vs. Taira - Finals: Noguchi vs. Taira

* Note that both of these guys are in SBO mode: O.Sagat is a good stand-in for his CE version while ST Guile isn't, thus the latter stays benched.

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