Sunday, May 13, 2007

BF Vids 050407

G.X posted some more BattleFantasia matches.

The original files are on filebank here.
Pass: fantasia

G.X (Ashley) vs. Hev (Coyori)
Puuro (DeathBringer) vs. Hev
OGU (Watson) vs. Hev
Setsuna (Cedric) vs. Hev
G.X vs. Hev
Puuro vs. Hev
OGU (Coyori) vs. Hev


  1. Hey, how about uploading those vids to a file sharing site that's in, y'know, english?

    Just an idea. This is an english language blog, so...

  2. Hey, I didn't upload these vids.

    The filebank uploads were courtesy of G.X. He runs a Japanese language blog, so...


    I had made a little graphic that illustrated how to use the filebank site but they recently changed their layout and I haven't got around to making a new one.

  3. I didn't know that you were not the original uploader, but yeah a little help figuring out how to download from filebank would be very much appreciated.
    The entire point of the game seems to be that it's crazy high res(ZOMG!720p!!!!!) so watching vids on youtube is sorta pointless.