Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Evo East Vids 052607

Your humble blog editor... biting like there's no tomorrow!
Thank you to tianyuan2k4 (HnK champ!) for the video.

OSK (Ryu) vs. nohoho (Blanka) @ Evo East '07
Download (xvid x3, 18 MB)


  1. I was pulling for you Nohoho. Randon walk up shinku-hodoken is the death of us all- LOL j/k

  2. you should have bitinged more!

  3. too much jumping :(

    But Im sure you already know that. better show up to Evo World!

  4. koo - Damn straight! Blanka's hungry, baby!

    derek - If CigarBob resurfaces I might go. The ST 3on3 would have been the main event as far as I'm concerned. So hot in '05.

  5. Nohoho Blanka is da beast! All he needs is a can of Redbull + MAX Ikari gauge, lol!

    If anyone can join Nohoho for a Blanka team, he probably will go to Evo World to unleash the power of da beast.