Monday, April 30, 2007

BF Vids 042907

G.X (Hokuto no Ken Raoh master) has posted some Battle Fantasia match videos on his blog:

OGU (Watson) vs. Hev (Coyori)
G.X (Ashley) vs. Hev
G.X vs. Setsuna (Cedric)

Original files on filebank here.
password: fantasia
Filebank quick-start graphic. Time for a new graphic...

I'm planning on posting some BF scoop from Japanese BBSs soon. The players' first impressions have been mostly positive. Hat tip: tianyuan2k4.

1 comment:

  1. woot! i love those vids already. very dynamic gameplay so far.

    GJ. Keep it coming! :D

    On a sidenote, could you report which big shot jap. player will pick this up seriously, was caught playing it(eg. Sharon playing Mr. Heart in HnK)?
    Im very curious if this game will have a better future then HnK and get SBO spot next yeah.