Thursday, April 26, 2007

Las Vegas Cup 6 HSF Vids 021807

Some movies from the sixth Las Vegas Cup are up. I typed up the players below -- matches in italics are not yet available as of this post.
MOVIE -> 第6回大会 (sixth item in the list=bottom link)

The webmaster updated the placeholder for the 3rd Vegas Cup vids, too. Lots of Nakamura and Shacho Cammy movies coming soon, perhaps.

Shacho (Cammy) Set:
vs. Dantanki (HF Zangief)
vs. UirouMan (Ryu)
vs. Oonishi (C Guile)
vs. Soiya (Honda)

Muteki (CE Guile!) Set:
vs. Ikebukuro Uchujin (CE Ryu)
vs. Kannami (Ryu)
vs. Serotepu (Zangief)
vs. Bunkichi (O.Honda)

Kashiwagi (C Guile) Batch:
vs. Takoyaki Man (Blanka)
vs. tomo (Ryu)
vs. A (CE Ryu)

Muteki vs. Oonishi - Chamu (Chun-Li) vs. Ikebukuro Uchujin (CE Ryu)
Oonishi (C Guile) vs. Kashiwagi (CE Guile)
Uchujin vs. Shacho (Cammy) - Oonishi vs. Uchujin - Kashiwagi vs. Shacho

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