Sunday, August 28, 2011

X-Mania XII Results

Lots of great matches on Sunday. Few tough players came from Kansai, unfortunately, but Gunze and Murasaki were looking great.

34 teams
1st Kikai (Guile), KKY (Dhalsim), Mattsun (Ken)

2nd Hakase (Dhalsim), Noguchi (Claw), Tamashima (Boxer)

3rd Numa (Boxer), Keishin (Chun-Li), Hiroyan (O.Hawk)

Art by Kurohachi.
*waves to GB*

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  1. lol. you've outdone yourself.

    and what haitani interview do you have? the all about vsav one?

  2. Noooo Taira, Yaya and Viper!!! ;_;

  3. I went down to Tokyo for X-MANIA. It was a very good final match, with kikai's guile doing well against Tamashima's boxer, following up with doing very well against Hakase's sim and getting close to beating him too on strong momentum but lost that one. Mattsun's ken won vs. noguchi's claw. Gotta hand it to Mattsun too, there were two or three very strong dp's well-timed to get the win. I went out with a bunch of the Tokyo players afterwards for drinks before catching a late bus home. I missed most of the action the previous night, which was at Versus and not Mikado (as it was in years past), but did catch about 20 or 30 minutes at the end of it. Nuki screamed a lot. 15 cabinets running ST in total. During my first match, small drops of water splashed on the screen of our side of the "B" cabinet. When I was done with my games, I noticed it came from the air conditioner hanging overhead and a lot more water started dripping down on the screen. So they stopped using that B cabinet while they repaired the a/c (not sure why they didn't simply move the cabinet two feet over, or designate one of the other 13 cabs as "B"). Of the two cabs being used for the tournament, everything afterwards was run on only cabinet "A". 34 teams (3 on 3 so 100 people) in total I think.

    man, st at speed 3 felt like speed ONE after a year of hdr.

  4. Are there going to be videos anywhere of this?

  5. Videos anywhere? ;_;

  6. XSPR thanks for the scoop!

    Videos - not that I know of.

  7. wtf is chun kicking?