Sunday, August 14, 2011

Versus Cup #1

Terrific singles event at Versus on Sunday. TIO came to visit from Kyushu, Kusumondo from Kansai. Hakase, AFO, Nuki @ MC, Muteki and Shiki were all there slugging it out.

Check out the archive over here:

Qualifying round.
Played like casuals. The first fifteen people to get four wins in a row went on to the next round. Kusumondo got a bye.

Top sixteen.
Double elimination.

Also, Mattsun uploaded the poster for X-Mania 12. Bit strange.


  1. omg, that Muteki VS Gian match at end was godlike. Victory against all odds.

  2. whose the chubby announcer guy?? he's voice is so friggin cool lol.

  3. Dunno about chubby but yeah Nuki is always enthusiastic.

  4. in the top sixteen video, the announcer sitting down next to muteki guile at the very beginning is nuki right? if he is, lol, wholly crap i failed to realize that was him... even when he was using chun too..

    i liked how they showed the players too because it allows me to associate faces with names instead of gamer tags. understanding japanese also helps, haha.