Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SBO 2011 Team List

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SBO Teams

Here's a list of teams that have qualified so far. Only the European (EDIT: added) and last chance qualifiers remain. Use the Nicovideo Redirector if you don't have an account.

Strong yet-to-qualify players include Tencho Ryu, Nakamura Cammy, Pony Zangief, Yakitori O.Hawk and Nakamu Blanka who I believe got second a few times.

edit 8.19: Added a couple team names and a link to the July 24th video.

4/29超無敵不死身Muteki (Guile), Shiki (Boxer), Nuki (Chun-Li)archive
4/30KYYKeishin (Chun-Li), Yoshimura (Dhalsim), YuuVega (Dictator)
5/1ミドリムシKKY (Dhalsim), Mattsun (Ken), Kikai (Guile)
5/3未来予想図Tamashima (Boxer), Hakase (Dhalsim), Noguchi (Claw)
5/4南越ビックワンHanashi (Fei-Long), Nasusim (Dhalsim), Abebin (E.Honda)
5/5がんばろうJAPANToukon (Chun-Li), Milky (Dictator), Muneo (O.Sagat)
5/8Sキャラ同盟Ando (O.Fei-Long), Sagative (O.Sagat), Tatsumaki RYU (O.Ryu)
5/14最後の使徒Otochun (Chun-Li), ARG (Claw), Gunze (Zangief)
5/15チームデゲッシュ!Makky (Ryu), Masao (Ken), Saito (Zangief)
5/21初心者です。Futachan (Ryu), HAS (Fei-Long), Roku (E.Honda)
5/22TR部隊 TEAM OSDShootingD (Ryu), Okafei (Fei-Long), Seki (DeeJay)one, two, three
5/29コテツ軍団Kotetsu (Claw), Suzuki (Dhalsim), Nami (Zangief)
6/4滅・アキラ!Prince (Chun-Li), Aniki (Guile), Ito (DeeJay)link
6/5ブルートパーズVIPER (T.Hawk), Toutanki (O.Hawk), Ootsun (Chun-Li)one, two, three
6/11落ちつけハワイアン!The SuperStar (Boxer), Gotoh (Ryu), Tani (Guile)
6/12くまモンKumadhal (Dhalsim), Chai (Chun-Li), Aiderun (Guile)
6/18イタリアAFO (Blanka), Sasori (Ryu), Oonishi (Dictator)
6/19ゴリラ☆影助のうらぎりMushi (Ryu), Gorilla Kagesuke (O.Sagat), Ginaiyohei (Dictator)
6/25特攻野郎AKBKusumondo (E.Honda), Yabu (Cammy), Aniken (Ken)
6/25Team USADamdai (O.Hawk), Immortal (Claw), Riz0ne (Dictator)playlist
6/26チーズフォンデュB・DFukahire Kamen (Zangief), KAIJI (Dhalsim), Katsuo Gocho (Chun-Li)
7/2HeyHeyHeyHammer (O.Ken), Hiroyan (T.Hawk), M.B (Boxer)
7/3真髄継承Akabla (Blanka), Shiro (Ryu), Kotaka Shoten (Guile)link
7/9遠征片道2時間Yuzuru (DeeJay), Naoki (Boxer), Shu (Ken)
7/10北の国からKiken (Ken), Alabama (Boxer), San (Ryu)
7/16絶対零度Tsuji (Boxer), MAO (Claw), Kurahashi (Ryu)
7/17宇宙の大いなる意思Yoshio (Guile), Numa (Boxer), baby nine (E.Honda)
7/23究極VモンキーParuni (Dhalsim), MurasakiVega (Dictator), Oreryu (Ryu)
7/24元千葉勢Fujinuma (Chun-Li), tomo (Ryu), Gakuzan (Zangief)link
7/31白虎隊yaya (Sagat), Taira (Dictator), Sashishi (Ryu)1, 2, 3, 4
8/6Team Europeelivepro|Ken Bogard (O.Hawk), WDM|CCL (Chun-Li), elivepro|Kenpachi (Ryu)


Emperor YuuVega entered the Tuesday contest at Versus. Lots of good matches this week. part one, part two

I added Fuudo to the Multi-game Champs post. As soon as I clean up my notes I'd like to add Justin, Ryan Hart, Xiaohai and maybe Nakanishi.


  1. Have fun!

  2. Big thanks for providing the japanese team names! I was really looking into this for update my list on my blog.

    Also, i just made a small donation, hope this can help in some way.


  3. tamashima, hakase, and noguchi has got to be the best odds at taking the whole thing. muteki, shiki, and nuki close to same. here's to nakamura getting in.

  4. Well, I already made a hearty donation to Team USA, but I certainly feel indebted to curryallergy. I'll scrounge up some dough for a contribution because I know you'll return with plenty of goodies for us, NH2. Send Japan my love.

  5. Yeah at the very least I will try hard to cap some Shogatsu, Matsun, Inomata, etc. bootleg footage.

    FB + V - Thanks fellas!

    Added a link to the newton q above.

  6. Oh I haven't actually watched it yet but description says Gian @ Sagat.

  7. elivepro|Ken Bogard (S-TH) / WDM|CCL (CH) / elivepro|Kenpachi (RY)won the Euro spot and qualified for Tougeki.

  8. Where are komoda and gian?
    Did gian try really with sagat?

  9. "Did gian try really with sagat?"

    Yes. He played N.Sagat and got mowed down basically every round. Unless he was goofing around his N.Sagat is like 5/10 or lower.

    Hopefully some low tier team takes SBO. Or at least make the top four/eight diverse.

    By the way Ando is using O.Fei so his team is all old versions.

  10. Komoda hasn't been playing this year. Kusumondo wrote that he's playing in part for for old teammates Mayakon and Komoda.

    Gian I don't know. If I get a chance I'll ask him what's up heh.

    Vernon - added, thanks

    301 - fixed, thanks

    Hopefully some low tier team takes SBO. Or at least make the top four/eight diverse.

    Right at this moment in time AFO and Gunze are two of the toughest guys out there I'm hoping to see good stuff from them.

  11. Is this going to be streamed? People have asked about it at the Brazilian forum, and I have no clue. Some wonder if it will be Japan-only and if it will be free.

    Last year, I was hoping to see lots of stuff, but I could not check the stream itself, and so far very few matches (finals and semis, IIRC) have been uploaded in Youtube and such.

    Have you been training your beast?