Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vampire Savior Tourney Round-up

I just copied this new post from DD Sasquatch into English. Poke around the YouTube accounts for more footage from these events. Art by Arekki.

DD wrote at the bottom, "by the way, Kaji has been winning every tournament he enters. Lilith is top tier."

Kansai: Ibaraki VIP
17 entrants
1st Takahashi (Gallon)
2nd Dara (Demitri)
3rd Ryota (Zabel)

Tohoku: Playland F1R
10 entrants
1st Kaji (Lilith)
2nd Kosho (Bulleta)

Kanto: Baba Mikado
13 entrants
1st Kaji (Lilith)
2nd TKO (Sasquatch)
3rd T2ya (Zabel)

Kanto: Club Sega Shinjuku
14 entrants
1st Sakamoto (QB) & Osakana (Aulbath)

Kansai: Ibaraki VIP
9 entrants
1st Orekon (Sasquatch)
2nd Dara (Demitri)
3rd Negitoro (Sasquatch

Tohoku: Playland F1R
14 entrants
1st Kosho (Bulleta)
2nd Hagure (Sasquatch)
3rd Shimatsuya (Jedah)

Kansai: Sega Avion
11 entrants
1st bow (Aulbath)
2nd SIN (Sasquatch)
3rd Newman (Aulbath)

Kanto: Baba Mikado
14 entrants
1st Kaji (Lilith) & Buzz (Gallon)
2nd T2ya (Zabel) & Ego (Lei-Lei)


  1. Just today i have uploaded all the three files of the PRE-DCC and the videos of All-Capcom Hystorical Olympic on my channel.

    Glad to see the KENGALLON yt channel. He is an american player (i think), you can see him with a beastly Guy in some Mikado SFZ2 tourneys.

    And happy to see videos from the new Mikado Baba (return of T2ya in minor tourneys...yeah).

    Imho kaji is leveled up: he always had inhuman skills and perfect execution, but now i can feel a complete control of Lilith.

    This is my list of the best players for VSAV. What did you think about ?
    Sasquatch: Nasu (DD, Haitani)
    Bulleta: Sako (Kosho)
    Lilith: Kaji (Mano,K)
    Zabel: Sakai (CAA, T2ya)
    Anakaris: Chikyuu (Chapa)
    Bishamon: Shuu (Nakanishi, Ohnuki, Umehara)
    Felicia: Orekon (Sasazuka, cat-k, Nekohashi)
    Q-Bee: SIN (Sakamoto, Yankee)
    Gallon: Takahashi (Buzz, Verchi)
    Jedah: Shimatsuya (Oouchi, Umehara)
    Victor: Oboro (kame)
    Aulbath: bow (Haiiro, shou)
    Lei Lei: Sasazuka (Atsuta, Ego)
    Demitri: Dara (Azuwan, Kenta)
    Morrigan: Takepon (Yajima)

  2. Thanks for the uploads. I forgot about the proper name for the pre dcc event.

    The key Lilith mix-up throw/attack seems very simple compared to QB homing dash madness or whatever, but (zurashi) attack (cancel luminous) does so much damage. And Kaji is so nasty about finding chances for it.

    This is my list of the best players for VSAV. What did you think about ?

    You might as well limit yourself to the post-SBO era. Daigo and Nuki quit playing VS a long time ago it's impossible to compare them to modern guys. Old school guys Teruchika (Felicia) and Hachiouji (Lilith) no joke.

    Otherwise yeah that list makes sense. I like Haitani over Nasu *shakes fist* heh.

  3. The real name of the PRE-DCC 5on5 event is ALL OUT WAR.
    About the post-SBO era, i agree with Umehara and Ohnuki, but there are some players that still continue to play VSAV (less more, btw) like Haitani (recent Ibaraki VIP cameo), Chikyuu (seems like he only play in DCC), Yankee (don't remember about him, but his Q-Bee is top tier), so i named them in the list.

    Uhm, i like more Nasu than Haitani (i saw only a video with this mirror match, and Nasu won), but like i wrote upper Haitani is the old king and Nasu the new king. Haitani-san, quit Makoto and plays much more VSAV please.

  4. Man I was going to mention the old (post gamest cup) ranking battle results but the site seems to be down. Should have saved it to my HD. You could get see the shape of things back in 97/98.

    Did Nasu and Haitani team up once? That's just mean.

  5. Wait the site is still there:

    J you can read player names and stuff right? That site is like a little time machine.

    Also Daigo (and Nuki) dominated at these early Bet 50 ranbats:

  6. J:
    Your list seems just about my opinion I think Azuwan is a better Demitri than Dara... <- my favorite Azuwan video.

    I also think Takahashi is #1 Gallon, but I really enjoy watching Buzz Gallon more. I like his style...