Friday, December 4, 2009

A-cho Vids 110809, Tourney News, Maximum Seki

This event used a king of the hill format where the winner stayed on the machine as if playing casual games. The players who got the longest win streaks — ARG with 7 & 9 games, Futachan with 7 and Seki with 10 — then slugged it out in the finals. Details here.
"ARCADE" -> "大会動画" (sixth link on the left)

acho_sp2x_20091108a.asx - Best Bouts:
Kusumondo (Honda) vs. Prince (Chun)
ARG (Claw) vs. Akashachi Kancho (Blanka)
The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Seki (DeeJay)

acho_sp2x_20091108b.asx - ARG (Claw) vs. Futachan (Ryu)
acho_sp2x_20091108c.asx - ARG (Claw) vs. Seki (DeeJay)

Thunder Beast Cup Results 112909

1 Otochun, Seki, Gunze
2 Futachan, Prince (Chun), Wassekun (Dhalsim)
3 Tani (Guile), MAO (Claw), Murasaki Vega (Dictator)

ARG, Aniki (Guile), Noguchan (Ken)
Star, Oh!!J (DJ), Hanayama (Ryu)
Super Gutsman (O.Sagat), Niwa Carnival (Ryu), Moritaku (Ryu)

X-Mania 10 champs strike again! Actually the Nagase team struggled in the initial round robin; both Guts and Prince smacked them around. None of the Kanto players came down for this one.

Pic of the winning team here. Videos: stream archive, best bouts.

End of the Year X Tourneys

There are a bunch of tournaments happening this month including:
Nagase Cup 7 - singles at UFO
Gian Recital Encore - two events to commemorate the DVD release
Nagata Shogatsu Happy New Year Special - Mikado's annual New Year's 2on

Seki Placings

Seki had a really great year so far. Here's a list of some of his results.

Seki DeeJay 2009
FebKasugai 50Second
5/4A-choThird (w/ Batayan, PG)
6/22Kasugai 50Second (w/ Oh!!J)
7/30Ko-HatsuFirst (w/ Gunze)
8/23X-Mania 10First (w/ Otochun, Gunze)
9/13Ko-HatsuSecond (w/ Star)
OctKo-HatsuSecond (w/ Nero)
10/11Star CupTied for Third
11/1Ko-HatsuSecond (w/ Gunze)
11/8 A-choFirst
11/29 Thunder Beast CupFirst (w/ Otochun, Gunze)


  1. "Gian Recital Encore - two events to commemorate the DVD release"

    Where can I get this DVD??

  2. Finally an elite DeeJay player! Most top players who used DJ only had him as a secondary character, I'm happy to see someone maining him and doing so well.

    Time to add a DeeJay section at your Japanese player list, Nohoho :D

  3. Agreed, it's very nice to see a DJ up there with the top. (A DJ who isn't primarily known for another character that is).

    This is hella offtopic btw but NH2, how is ST doing in japan at the moment?

  4. Geo - The website doesn't say yet. I think they'll be on sale at a Mikado, Versus, Newton arcades.

    Gargamuza -

    Sweeping Tama's team at X10 was wicked awesome. Seki Rules.

    Time to add a DeeJay section at your Japanese player list, Nohoho :D

    I agree. Stay tuned...

    Kareeeeem -

    NH2, how is ST doing in japan at the moment?

    I think Mattsun said that X-Mania 10 had the best turnout ever.

    Things have been quiet in Kanto since then - only Newton and Vegas monthlies. I don't know if Gian plans to run another ranbat series next year.

  5. As usual one can count on this blog having all that sick and up to date info one wants being a vs/st-fan. Always a splendid job nohoho!

    Do you know what's up with Gian btw? Feels like it was a long time I saw him in any tournament, is it because he haven't placed well lately or is it because he haven't participated?

  6. Gian didn't make it to Starcup because his car broke down.

    He got top 3 in a bunch of events last spring it's difficult to both produce tourneys and compete in them.

    I'm sure he'll be at that new years thing (live stream, btw) possibly MC'ing even.

  7. Thanks for the post and the link, NH2! I have been translating a few of your posts into Portuguese (with the proper credit), then posting in a Brazilian forum, and the content always receives praise.

    I have a few questions about the tourney:
    1) who was the Claw player with the glove?
    2) who was the Ryu player who was playing against him during the casuals which have preceded the tournament?


  8. 1) MAO
    2) one of the 3:

    Hanayama (Light Blue Ryu)
    Niwa Carnival (Dark Green Ryu)
    Moritaku (Orange Ryu)

  9. Otochun looks like he's trying to win the Japanese version of 'The Pick-Up Artist', lol.