Sunday, October 11, 2009

Star Cup Quick Results

77 entrants

1st Otochun (Chun x3)
2nd ARG (Claw x3)
3rd Futachan (Ryu x3)
3rd Seki (DJ x3)

EDIT: just a few highlights. Gama no Abura (Umehara ga... gamen haji!) did a terrific job with the stream.

Underdogs Baby Nine (Honda) and Tsumura (Fei-Long) both making it through to the third round was excellent. Baby Nine (Xbox Live player) took ARG to five games. ARG came up with some really clutch wake up throws. Nero (Blanka), visiting from Shikoku, did really well at the pre-star 4on, too.

It seemed like a lot of heavy hitters were missing: no Taira, Komoda, Inomata, Yaya, Nakamura. No Kurahashi either, which is a shame; besides Aniken he's one of the only guys who runs a mixed team (Ryu, Guile, Boxer) at full or increased strength. Gian and Tsuji were both there but I guess they had off-days.

Second round A block was Otochun, ARG, Aniken and TIO. Tough draw for the Kyushu Dhalsim. Both of the Otochun-ARG sets — A block and finals — were fantastic. Otochun-Aniken was great, too. Chun's footsies were too strong for Aniken's shotos but Anioah almost made a comeback. Otochun stopped a Crazy Buffalo with a standing roundhouse towards the end of the set. Pretty funny.

All three of the X-Mania 10 winners made it to the top 8. Gunze vs. Seki was a nailbiter.


  1. That's weird. I was watching the stream thinking, "That Honda player is really good, he plays like baby_punks". Baby_punks is a strong Honda player on GGPO.

    Turns out he WAS baby_punks aka Baby Nine.

  2. Did anyone save this stream?

  3. just curious if anyone know the big super turbo competitions in japan, and what the formats are? I see a lot of vids on youtube under various titles (mikado, x-mania, sbo, a-cho..etc)

  4. 133 - It was very cool. Reminded me of Thelo at Evo.

    1147 - Don't know. They usually make a DVD...

    528 - Mikado and A-cho are arcades. X-Mania and SBO events. Punch any of those terms into the search box in the upper left of this blog.

  5. thanks for the info!

    new videos:

  6. Lots of great matches there. Baby Nine over Gotoh and Gian was really something.