Friday, October 9, 2009

Star Cup Live Stream

The SuperStar Cup 2009 starts this Sunday October 11th at 1pm. That's late night Saturday in the US.

[player removed. link]

The warm-up event is scheduled for 7:30 Saturday night (early morning US time.) I'll update this post with more links when I have them. UPDATE: the Nico live stream starts at 10:30pm (Japan) today.

Pre Star Cup Results
1 Aniken (Ryu), Aniken (Boxer), Nero (Blanka), Aniken (Ken)
2 ARG (Boxer), ARG (Dictator), ARG (Claw), Hanayama (Ryu)
3 Sawada (Fei), Sawada (Cammy), Prince (Ryu), Prince (Chun)
3 MAO (Dhalsim), MAO (Claw), Roku (Dictator), Roku (Honda)


  1. This should be good :D

    I wont be able to catch the live stream tonight but I'll be hanging out for the real deal on Sunday

  2. anyone watching the warm up event?

  3. Lots of sub characters. Very interesting stuff.