Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tougeki '08 Qualifier Vids 040608 update

Super Battle Opera season has started! These videos are from the Q that took place at Nagase UFO this past weekend. Pic again from GMC blog.
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Aniken (Ken) & ShootingD (Ryu) vs. Otochun (Chun-Li) & ARG (Claw)

Gian (Dhalsim) vs. Aniken (Ken) & ShootingD (Ryu)

Gian (Dhalsim) vs. Otochun (Chun-Li) & ARG (Claw)

Gian (Dhalsim) vs. Aniken (Ken) & ShootingD (Ryu)

Otochun (Chun-Li) & ARG (Claw) vs. Aniken (Ken) & ShootingD (Ryu)

Otochun (Chun-Li) & ARG (Claw) vs. Gian (Dhalsim)

Suzuyan [Suzuki?] (Guile) & Kimomaru (Dictator) vs. Aki (Ryu) & Guts (Sagat)

Saitou (Zangief) & Danjiri Dhalsim vs. Mekuri Inochi (DeeJay) & Buppa (Honda)

Saitou (Zangief) & Danjiri Dhalsim vs. Aki (Ryu) & Guts (Sagat)

Gotoh (Ryu) & The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Saitou (Zangief) & Danjiri Dhalsim

Saitou (Zangief) & Danjiri Dhalsim vs. Batayan (Guile) & Tsuji (Boxer)

Itoh (DeeJay) & OreRyu (Ryu) vs. Saitou (Zangief) & Danjiri Dhalsim

Otochun (Chun-Li) & ARG (Claw) vs. Gotoh (Ryu) & The SuperStar (Boxer)

Gotoh (Ryu) & The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Batayan (Guile) & Tsuji (Boxer)

Finals: Batayan (Guile) & Tsuji (Boxer) vs. Otochun (Chun-Li) & ARG (Claw)

Denki kindly sent some pictures from this event. Click for bigger versions.

Two more qualified teams:
Gotoh & SuperStar
YuuVega & Noguchi (Claw)


  1. Still, my beating heart!

  2. Those were some incredible matches! The competition is looking really tough this year.

    What was the story with Gian being a one man team?

  3. I don't know what was going on with Gian. Last year there was a rule that said that people who qualified solo had to go to the main event solo. Seems unlikely that that would be his intention. Someone on 2ch said he's teaming with Komoda. Also seems unlikely.

    Known teams + rumored teams:
    Aniken & D
    Tsuji & Batayan
    Nuki & Inoue (Claw)
    Kurahashi (Ryu) & Nakamura
    YuuVega & Noguchi
    Taira & Shiro
    Gotoh & Superstar
    Muteki (Guile) & Shiki (Boxer) <-nasty
    Shacho & Aomori (Claw)
    K (O.Hawk) & Toutanki (Hawk)

  4. YuuVega and Noguchi gots more gimmicks than the bible got psalms.

  5. gorgeous, juicy videos.

    Hey nohoho, can you explain what "waseda style" is for the tournament format?

    If the teams split 1st and 2nd set, do they get to freely determine the player for the 3rd set?

  6. The two winners play each other to decide the outcome.

    A1 beats B1
    B2 beats A2
    A1 has to fight B2

  7. how good is Tsuji's boxer, my lord!

  8. My main question is why isnt Muteki not teaming up with the wifey this year. Did he think that she was holding him back or is she just done with ST?

  9. Go home and be a family man.

  10. Watch Chamu play on the SBO dvd, no way he could think that she held him back.

  11. Taira-Mute-Chamu @ Hyper Mania was such a fierce combination.

    btw, some more teams that participated @ ufo:

    RF (Sim) & Kurenai no Buta (Claw)
    Couple strong multi-game players from a-cho.

    Gunze & Macky7

    Takahashi (Dic) & Nekohashi (Ryu)
    VS crew

    Prince (Chun) & Akashachi Kancho (Blanka)

    Team Italy! (Dic & Ryu)
    Rock on, fellas!

  12. Ohhh hoho!!! I held my breath through all of the first Gian vs. ShootingD match. :D