Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scouter Match 2 Videos 030208

Before the tournament players submitted their own ratings -- based on success rate vs. top players and/or local win percentage. Folks with low scores were paired up with the top rated players, etc. The tournament itself used a triple-elimination format; the concept here was to give up and coming guys a chance to get some tourney games in vs. strong players.

Old Gamest art by Zakkun Pop. - Shiro (Ryu) & The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Oreryu (Ryu) & Yajirobei (Dhalsim) - Yomiaido (Ryu) & Gotoh (Ryu) vs. Macky7 (Boxer) & Aniki (Guile) - Isaji (Cammy) & Prince (Chun-Li) vs. Taira (Dictator) & Ackman (Guile) - Gian (Dhalsim) & Maron (Ryu) vs. Tattsu (Ryu) & Futachan (Ryu) - Gian (Dhalsim) & Maron (Ryu) vs. Tatsumaki RYU (O.Ryu) & CR Junior Idol DVD (Ken) - Yomiaido (Ryu) & Gotoh (Ryu) vs. K Maru (Dhalsim) & ARG (Claw) - Shiro (Ryu) & The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Tattsu (Ryu) & Futachan (Ryu) - Macky7 (Boxer) & Aniki (Guile) vs. Tatsumaki RYU (O.Ryu) & CR Junior Idol DVD (Ken) - Gian (Dhalsim) & Maron (Ryu) vs. Aniken (Ken) & Nogyo (Zangief) - Aniken (Ken) & Nogyo (Zangief) vs. K Maru (Dhalsim) & ARG (Claw)

Team Byakuya rides again!
Toutanki (O.Hawk) and K (Hawk) Q'ed for SBO.


  1. Cool... btw Isagi Cammy plays at most Shirone tournaments, including last one. He's gotten pretty good over the last 6 months or so and has a good 4 hit cross-up, I think it's similar to Mikado Nakamura's 5 hit, just not quite on that level.

  2. Shiro and Superstar ?? Aren't they two very strong players ??

    Even though Shiro is a newcomer, he's still one of the best ryu players out there IMO.

  3. Professor Jones - I'm not sure I understood the rules 100%. The rating thing was self-reported so my guess is that one or both of those two undervalued themselves.

    FWIW here are the benchmark players w/ scores from the rating form:

    ShootingD 1845
    Otochun 1807
    ARG 1728
    Tsuji 1711
    Aniken 1663
    Gotoh 1634
    Komoda 1559
    Kusumondo 1526
    Gunze 1511

    So you were supposed to take each of those scores and then modify it per your success rate against that person (5% wins -500 points, 95% wins +500 points.) Then add up the seven values and average to get your rating. Further adjustment was left to the players' discretion. All of those guys are Kansai/Chubu crew..... as strong as he is, it's possible that Shiro has a poor record against many of them.

  4. David - what was the four hit crossup? and Nakamura's 5 hit?

  5. ah I can't even remember it now, I'm terrible at recalling moves from a combo esp of characters I don't know very well like Cammy. I think it might be something like jump-in kick (the one where her sprite is flat on the bottom?), low short, stand jab, dp kick if that even works. sorry. I just remember it's usually attempted so probably documented somewhere.

  6. The 4 hit may be crossup lk, standing mp, crouching mk xx cannon drill. Don't know about any practical 5 hit combo for her though.

  7. cross lk,,, xx cannon spike. Substitute cannon spike w/ super for extra panache.

    not practical, but pretty.

    p.s. How good is aniken on the walk up knee bash vs. gian?

    Also on the same video, I consider 1 round taken by zief vs. gian to be a victory in itself.