Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mikado Savior Videos 032208 continued

More videos from March 22nd. This batch features an east-west showdown with a rare Chikyuu appearance. T2ya and some other players from the west team didn't need to play.
Koseki (QB), Nishiken (Morrigan), Chapa (Anakaris) vs.
Osakana (Aulbath), Juri (Lei2)
Chapa, Hai-iro (Aulbath) vs.
Buzz (Gallon), Megane (Demitri), Hige (QB)
Hai-iro, KEN (Gallon), Kame (Victor) vs.
Norio (Bishamon), P (Felicia)
Fugo (Lei2), Nakanishi (Bishamon), Shu (Bishamon), DD (Sasquatch) vs.
Ego (Lei2), Shimatsuya (Jedah) vs.
P, Sasunii (Sasquatch), Shou (Aulbath)
Shimatsuya, kaji (Lilith), Kosho (Bulleta) vs.
Chikyuu (Anakaris), Hoe (Jedah)

1 comment:

  1. Wow, really nice to see Chikyuu play after being so absent for such at long time (at least video-wise). He's one of my favorite jap-players overall.

    Man, he really beasted in the vid btw.