Monday, February 4, 2008

Tougeki '08 ST Rules (plus Character Rankings)

Here are the rules for Super Street Fighter II X @ Super Battle Opera '08:
- 2on2 tag
- No switching characters
- Super (aka Old) characters OK
- No Akuma
- No duplicate characters on a team
(Old and New count as different characters)
- Fixed turbo 3
(i.e. American speed 2 = the second highest setting)
- Otherwise factory settings
- Rock paper scissors to choose sides
- Blind pick team order

The main in event in August will feature 32 teams. Qualifiers (to be announced soon, I think) run April through June.

Arcadia's SSF2T Character Rankings (February 2008):

EDIT: By the way, the article that I took this list from was written by none other than Gian.

SSS Rank

S Rank
Dhalsim, Claw, Chun-Li, Boxer, O.Sagat

A Rank
Ryu, Guile, O.Ken, DeeJay, Dictator, O.Hawk

B Rank
Ken, E.Honda, Fei-Long, Sagat

C Rank
Zangief, Cammy, Blanka, T.Hawk


  1. i want what they are smoking


  3. what was arcadias tier list prior to this?

    im looking forward to SF2 this year now that its ST instead of AE/HSF like last year. :)

  4. Chun seems high, Blanka seems low. Can anyone explain the rankings to a newb like me?

  5. I didn't look at the author when I first posted this.

    Hopefully they'll have Gian do further ST articles -- best case scenario would be if he conducted arcadia's interviews leading up to SBO.

  6. Hmm, the only ones that bother me in that list are Blanka (too low) and O. Hawk (too high). O. Hawk certainly isn't terrible, but he ain't up there that close to like, Dee Jay haha

  7. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. are the characters in order within the ranks themselves? Like in S tier is sim 1st, claw 2nd, chun, 3rd, boxer 4th, o. sagat 5th?

  9. 651 - I don't think so.

    re: what I wrote above about Gian. Dude already was correspondent last year for HSF2. I had never even looked at the writer attribution.

  10. Has anybody gotten to the bottom of why O. Ken is rated higher than N. Ken? Giving up funky kick combos, knee bash mixups and hit-confirmable super seem like an awful lot just to get a better fb game (which is still inferior to Ryu and Sagat) and slightly better dp.

  11. Blankam for one, is even with N.Ken and has a moderate disadvantage against O.Ken. Nasty jab fireball, bigger jump roundhouse kicks, invincible dp make more of a difference in that match than the stuff you list.

  12. Rumored SBO '08 teams. Well the guy who posted this on 2ch may have just been bullshitting tho' these do make sense.

    Daigo & Aniken
    Otochun & ShootingD
    Muteki & Tsuji
    Nuki & Inoue
    Kurahashi & Nakamura
    Taira & Shiro

    Gian & ARG
    Kusumondo & Danjiri
    Ikebukuro Debu & More Bal (since More closed dude supposedly set up shop at ikebukuro las vegas)