Friday, February 1, 2008

Mikado 2on2 Vids 123107

These videos are from a special year-end event called the Nagata Shougatsu Happy New Year Special (yep, number seven.) Two-on-two where Shogatsu was waiting for the winning team at the end. Kinu art via Street Fighter Galleries. - Taira & Gamu (Dictator) vs. Hamaki (Honda) & Kusshi (Dic) - Yokkun (Dic) & Choshu (Ken) vs. Kita (Chun) & Takekawa (Ryu) - Shu (Ken) & VIPER (Hawk) vs. Tsunoppi & Jenety (O.Chun) - Mattsun & Abebin (Honda) vs. Gian & Cello Tape - Hamaki & Kusshi vs. Ashitana (O.Ryu) & Yukinofu (Zangief) - KKY & Yuubou (Fei) vs. Kita & Takekawa - Shiro & Kikai (Guile) vs. Tsunoppi & Jenety - Kurocchi (Blanka) & Yoshio (Guile) vs. Gian & Cello Tape - KKY & Yuubou vs. Ashitana & Yukinofu - Shiro & Kikai vs. Gian & Cello Tape - 3rd Place: Shiro & Kikai vs. Ashitana & Yukinofu - Finals: KKY & Yuubou vs. Gian & Cello Tape* - Title Bout: Shogatsu (O.Honda) vs. KKY & Yuubou

*"- If you try a technique and lose, you must have no regrets."


  1. btw there was an ST tournament last night at Las Vegas Shinjuku, 2on2 but with the good system (round robin blocks to qualify). Charcoal and I were team Shirone Chance but we didn't make it out of our bracket, only winning against one team. I think Gian's team won it. Noguchi and Yuu Vega were on the same team, Noguchi using claw instead of feilong. YuuBou was with Taira, they had some good matches. King had the best match, almost defeating one of the Vegas (Noguchi? whatever, some top wall diver, so damn annoying) with his honda- came down to pixels and he almost won it, but wound up facing the wrong way near a corner that vega should have been caught in for the last hit or two.

  2. Thanks for the scoop, David! Gian seems to get first place in nearly every tourney he enters.

    Any word on what's going on with Mikado?

  3. So every year, the winning team gets to fight Shogatsu, the O.Honda? Is he some kind of legend or something, he seemd pretty good just killing the winning team. I don't reckon I've seen him in any other tournaments tho...

  4. d'oh! can't believe I forgot to mention that- I asked one of the staff on my way out (owner could be? not Mattsun nor Nakamura the Cammy master). From what I could understand, Mikado's future stands in question. I.e. they are not necessarily moving- at all... He said that through February will probably be ok, but after then, he kinda sucked through his teeth so it doesn't look good. Except for those Wed nights, it usually is pretty dead at Mikado for ST- esp for Friday nights but there is a lot of comp right nearby at Las Vegas Shinjuku.

  5. spetsz - Nah, this was, like, a one-of-a-kind event I think. Check out the youtube link on the left. (actually one of these days I'm going to post a 2007 player report update and I upped those vids in anticipation of that)

    david - Jeez that stinks. Mikado ranbat series in 2007 was most excellent.

  6. I'm an idiot- CORRECTION to my last comment scoop:

    Gian played the last match of that Saturday (Feb 2nd) tournament, but that was to determine 3rd place, after first place finishers YuuVega (dictator) and Noguchi (claw) won it against KING's team (second place). That ended with the suspenseful finish Honda/Claw match I described. Gian and Shiro (ryu) got 3rd. Sorry for the mixup.

    I played tonight (Wed) at Mikado, so they're still open, had a great time. Muteki wasn't there, but he has a valid excuse.... I got to play a few games with AFO, and talked for a while with YuuVega and Noguchi to close the place down around midnight, trying to take out Nagata Shougatsu's o.Honda who won most games.