Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Popy Saitama 2nd Pre-Akira Cup 021608

3rd Place and Finals

Tazawa (Guile) & Kunyara [Kuni] (Zangief) vs. Gian (Dhalsim) & Yoshio (Guile)

Taira (Dictator) & Shiro (Ryu) vs. Tachikawa Cammy & Namiken (Dictator)

Best Bouts (Semis)

Taira (Dictator) & Shiro (Ryu) vs. Gian (Dhalsim) & Yoshio (Guile)

Tazwa (Guile) & Kuni (Zangief) vs. Tachikawa Cammy & Namiken (Dictator)


  1. Those were great matches. And as a fellow pointed out on youtube, the commentator's outbursts during the finals were priceless.

  2. Tazawa = TZW?

    And Tachikawa = the OG legend?

  3. jms - Yeah matches were hot. After round 1 ryu vs. cammy, btw, the MC says something about the speed of Zangief's stage giving Cammy an advantage. heh goofy

    the dude - TZW: yeah... maybe. Good call.

    OG Tachigawa: nah... probably not.

  4. Hm, I can hear him say something about "Zangief" at 7:22...thanks! Gogo hooligan.

    In the finals, my favorite moment was when Namiken took the hit from the fireball at 9:30, giving him enough meter to reversal super out of the corner. I wonder if he just "got lucky" or if he had the presence of mind to take the hit (rather than block) for the meter so he could escape. The fact that he reversaled it makes me think that he had it planned. Craziness.

  5. that dictator is so amazing.

  6. Confirmed TZW = Tazawa.

    Also someone on 2ch says that the cammy player here = Naka.