Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Neo Star Cup 07 Results

72 entrants.

1st: Tsuji (Boxer x2, Fei-Long)
2nd: Futachan (Ryu x3)
3rd: Otochun (Chun-Li x2, Ryu)
4th: YuuVega (Dictator x2, DeeJay)

For the second to last round, they had players list whom they'd like to fight against and paired them off accordingly -- i.e. based on mutual eagerness to battle. YuuVega and Otochun tied for least popular while almost everybody wanted a crack at TIO (who, fwiw, repped Kyushu hard by making top 8.)

The night before the tourney there was a 2 on 2 event that Gotoh and Taira took. Movies of that should be forthcoming.


  1. No Muteki or Kurahashi? :(

  2. Muteki lost to Yuu (revenge!) I don't think that Kurahashi entered.