Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mikado 091611 Vids Part 2

Mattsun has a reputation for being a little chilly but he would always light up when he saw Damdai. He said it was funny that Damdai used a different character each time he came to visit: Zangief, Shotos, Hawk. For me, scooping up Mattsun videos from the old Hameko uploader six years ago was one of the first things that led me to this point so capping some footage myself was a treat.

Masao, Makky, Saito, (Gunze). Pic from Tougeki website.

Masao Ken had arrived with his teammates from Osaka that afternoon. Their home arcade is Neyagawa ABC, Shooting D's stomping ground. Masao's Ken was excellent and very different from Mattsun's. His mashing was especially on point; over here you can see how Hawk let a cross-up chance slip by because Ken broke out after one elbow.

I put the videos from that night in this playlist. Check it out!

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  1. Damn: I thought it was just a couple of matches. The playlist does not end, LOL!

    Great stuff!