Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mikado 091611 Vids Part 1

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Some of Gunze's 2009 results added to the chart below. The post title makes more sense now.

I'm working on something small for everyone who enters the contest. Please include your snail mail address with your entry if you're interested. Also international entries are welcome!

Mikado on the Eve of SBO 2k11

I got to thank Kurahashi in person for the X-Mania EU Q&A. He said he would like to attend a US tourney but it'd probably be boring because he'd win easily.

The Kyushu team had flown up earlier that day. They qualified at G-COM Wajiro but their home arcade is "Supolakuhonji." Chai wrote it out for me like that — I think it's a Sega joint further to the South. Hal traveled with her husband; she had a decent Chun-Li.

Chai, Hal, Kumadhal, Aiderun

Here's a highlight for the evening. More to come!


  1. "but it'd probably be boring because he'd win easily" lol

  2. What the fuck was mattsun doing in this match. Like 4 DPs in a row seriously?

  3. He has no reliable way to get out of T.Hawk's loops. He has to resort to DPs to get him out, or use it to interrupt Hawk's neg-edge timing.

  4. As Daigo wins them every time he enters, I suppose it makes sense that Kurahashi thinks he would win too. Still, Nuki has entered US tournaments in the past (EVO) and lost. But he did get to grand finals. I honestly got no idea how O.Nuki would compare to current Nuki. He has been beasting in the Tokyo area, from what we get from last years NH2's posts and the constant uploads from that superSF2turbo YT account.