Friday, June 24, 2011

Chinatown Fair

Riz0ne sent this great picture of him and your humble blog editor ('s arms) that his friend Sarah took. I'll get back to regular posting soon! Also I want to say hello to Derek Yu. Four player Spelunky looks absolutely brilliant!

EDIT: Haitani is apparently in Australia this weekend.


  1. hi this is my first ever blog comment

    nice cf photo, has it ever occured to you that you can buy that old cf st cabinet from the photo via the henry cen/sam nj storage grapevine for about $200 ?

    ok i will def have to check this blog now every weekend now leading up to evo.. wish there was a section to the right that was labeled this weeks streams or "in this week's replays"

    thanks again for telling me sbout the shadowloo stream lol gootecks spent 23hrs on a plane just so we wouldnt have to hear two aussie's ramble.. his presence there while tottaly insane, rounds out and puts focus esp for the american audience for this events commentary.. seriously, have you ever heard two aussie's Try and knowingly converse infront of a captive audience?!


    in closeing let me just say