Friday, May 28, 2010

Versus Danisen Ranks, Other ST News

Nikaiten posted these rankings on May 20th. Below 9th dan I just typed up a sampling of players. Most recent video is over here. 10th dan matches with YuuVega DJ, Taoki and Numa.

Mousa: Nuki (CH)

Tsuwamono: Shiki (BX), AFO (BL), YuuVega (DI), KKY (DH), YuuVega (DJ)

10th Dan: Taoki (BX), Souzou (FE), Pony (ZA), Kurahashi (BX), Kurahashi (CH), Kurahashi (RY), Kurahashi (GU), Gian (DH)

9th Dan: Kita (CH), Akabla (BL), AFO (BX), Numa (BX)

8th Dan: Oonishi (DI), Nakamu (BL), Muneo (OS), YuuVega (CL)

7th Dan: Muteki (GU), Yuzuru (DJ)

6th Dan: Star (BX), Nakamura (CA), Noguchi (FE), Souzou (GU), Muneo (SG), Hiroyan (TH), AFO (FE), AFO (OBX)

5th Dan: KKY (BL), Yoshio (GU), Nogyo (ZA), Peco (OK)

4th Dan: Souzou (BX), Souzou (RY), Kurahashi (KE), AFO (ZA)

Ko-hatsu 2on Video 052210

Star and Prince vs. Suzuki and Seki

No More Play Spot UFO?

Aniken wrote on his blog that Nagase UFO is closing shop.

UFO was a Kansai Super Turbo hotspot where you could play for 20 yen. Various tough guys like Aniken, Otochun, ShootingD, Komoda and Mayakon spent a lot of time duking it out there. Both Daigo and Nuki visited to step their game up before major tournaments.

Aniken, Otochun and ShootingD are changing their SBO team name from "Kansai Gougakuren" to "Nagase UFO."


  1. Wow, Nagase UFO shutting down is saddening. I remember from YBH that every top Kansai player frequented that arcade. I'm guessing the 7/25 qualifiers will be a swan song of sorts.

    It's a shame we have so little western information on the Kansai scene. It'll be interesting to see which arcade becomes the new Osaka ST hot spot (sort of like how More heads seem to have transitioned to Mikado in Tokyo).


  3. I just read Aniken's latest blog entires. Pretty sad news, but as he says, he still has the fighting spirit to continue playing SF2!