Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Good luck to all Evo 2009 participants! I offer this gem to help you get motivated.
Again KRS came back to his original point which was that if Canibus feels that battling KRS-One would somehow help his career he would do so. After all, the subsequent publicity would be great..However, he would after understand that KRS-One would bring it to him and most likely end his career. Kris in his banter pointed out that he was like a martial arts master and that he is always prepared. He noted that when he released the 'Return Of The Boom Bap' album in '94 that he put all rappers on notice. He said that anyone who came out after '94 were subject to having their careers end at any given moment. KRS claimed that when he hears a new artists come on the scene.. that he immediately writes a rhyme that will totally dismantle him and his career. He keeps those rhymes in the back of his head just in case he has to take some kid out..


  1. The strategy employed by KRS is hard to live up to indeed.

  2. Old-school KRS had such a badass warrior mindstate about his craft.

    This blog is usually so Japan-centric, it's easy to forget that you live in New York. Thanks for the reminder, hahah.

  3. CANIBUS is a LYRICAL WAR MACHINE of modern emceeing... KRS has no chance.