Sunday, December 28, 2008

X-Mania 9 Results 122808

45 teams
1st YuuVega (Dictator), Roku (E.Honda) & Nakamu (Blanka)
2nd Aniken (Ken), Otochun (Chun-Li) & The SuperStar (Boxer)
3rd Toutanki (T.Hawk), VIPER (T.Hawk) & Yakitori (T.Hawk)

The triple Hawk team apparently beat ARG, Noguchi (Fei) and Futachan. Aniken's team beat Gian, Shiro and Taira in their block finals. All this info comes from anonymous people on 2ch. If INH posts detailed results I'll repost them here like last year.

-Finals Block-
Star def. Yakitori
Star def. Toutanki
Star def. VIPER

Roku def. Yakitori
Toutanki def. Roku
Nakamu def. Toutanki
Nakamu def. VIPER

Roku def. Star
Aniken def. Roku
Nakamu def. Aniken
Otochun def. Nakamu
Yuu def. Otochun

There's another tourney at Mikado this wednesday the 31st that's going to be streamed live. Don't know what time yet. 10 pm (Tokyo.) Link below.


  1. that first place team is so hype! I'm desperate to see the footage.

    Do you know if there's going to be a dvd this year? I haven't seen anything since x-mania 7.

    thanks for the update dude.

  2. Desk - Once again they aren't doing a DVD. There may be some best bouts on a Tougeki Spirits disc like last year.

    That same team, btw, got 2nd at the Mikado 3on the night before. Follow the "archive" link in the post I made last week -- the complete tournament is archived on stickam. Look for the 2008 12 27 ones. Some great exhibition games, too (aniken and tsuji showed up late.)

  3. Triple hawk gets 3rd place ^_^ and they beat Arg's team T_T

  4. thx for the info nohoho. always appreciated!


    Vids here