Monday, December 22, 2008

Super Turbo News

X-Mania and the Mikado Stream
X-Mania 9 is going down this Sunday at Ikebukuro GIGO. I haven't been able to find much information. The night before, though, there's a 3on3 at Mikado that's going to be broadcast on their live stream.

Pre X-mania 3on3 at Mikado
December 27th @ 8pm (Tokyo)
Stream (Archive)

There may be another streamed event on the 31st (Shogatsu Special?) but they haven't posted details yet.

Miscellaneous ST Videos
Just a few playlists. Need a nico account for the first two.

Ikebukuro Vegas videos from the last couple years. Usual suspects. The footage is edited by player (so, for example, you can watch Yuubou's run from first round to finals) which is nice

Casual games at Tsurumaki. Players unknown. The vids further down the list feature some top guys.

A bit of local action. Kindly uploaded by Damdai.

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