Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Las Vegas Cup 2 Vids 091706

Movies from the Las Vegas Cup 2 tourney are up. Instead of messing about with Sagat (see previous post,) Taira here issues proper beatdowns with Dictator.

"MOVIE" -> "第2回大会" (2nd link from the bottom)

Here's the card:
las2_d_taira4.zip -- Taira (Dictator) Set
lasvegas_vol2_026.wmv vs. Bunkichi (S.Honda)
lasvegas_vol2_028.wmv vs. Sagawa (Dictator)
lasvegas_vol2_030.wmv vs. Kuwata (Ryu)
lasvegas_vol2_034.wmv vs. Gechena (Ryu)

las2_d_bunkichi3.zip -- Bunkichi (S.Honda) Set
lasvegas_vol2_031.wmv vs. Sagawa
lasvegas_vol2_033.wmv vs. Kuwata or Gechena?
lasvegas_vol2_029.wmv ""

las2_sanketu.zip -- Edo (Honda) vs. Kannami (Ryu)

las2_kesshou.zip -- Taira vs. Kashiwagi (Ryu)


The most recent HSF video on Popy Niigata also features Kashiwagi Ryu (vs. Nomura Guile.)

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