Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Las Vegas Casual HSF Vids 082006 & 091706

There are a bunch of casual match vids from Ikebukuro Las Vegas at madrigal's site:
"Movie" -> "SSF IIX" -> "Lasvegas Cup"

Volume 2 #s 15-40 were uploaded more recently. FWIW, the Grey Dictator/ST Sagat player (check out vol 2: 17-20, 23-28) is probably Taira.

The MSC DVD and MOF DVD sample movies are still up, too. Follow the links on the left sidebar.


  1. Meeeeow, I want Koooomoda san, meow meow!

  2. Hehe you goofball.

    BTW - Puyo (!) movies at mikado.
    Game 2 in that one is really hot. Very nice counter (attempt) from p1.

  3. The graphic is all messed up! Everything is in yellow and green:( Same with SF clips. I dont know what happened. Maybe you could try to extract that then change the name of the vid to non Japanese one then zip it and upload it to fileforge? Hopeful that works otherwise I will need you to burn it on CD because the winrar/winzip couldnt extract them properly. The combos are nice though. Man they are really fast!

  4. Ha, it worked at school. Nevermind.