Friday, April 29, 2011

Gian Recital 2011 Results

Bimonthly allergy attack! (light posting)

1st Sasori (Ryu), Shiki (Boxer), Muteki (Guile), Nuki (Chun-Li), Keishin (Chun-Li)

2nd Yuzuru (DeeJay), Ito (DeeJay), Seki (DeeJay), Itokazu (DeeJay), Ken (Boxer)

The top 8 was saved on ustream. Starts with a stonking clash between Kurahashi's team and Nuki's team. It is written:
Landing this when they're at "eat a Sniper and die" health is extremely thrilling.

Another archive you might be interested in: there's a long set featuring Nuki vs. "the top Ryu vs. Chun player" over here. Sasori apparently.

The Mikado SBO Qs are on Saturday April 30th at 5pm (Japan.) Not clear if Mattsun plans to set up the live broadcast but it'll be here if so:

There's an earthquake relief ST event at Shiogama Shuttle the day after that I don't think there's a stream for that one.

Beautiful day today. Photography by your humble blog editor.

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  1. can you post the full top 8 results from the 5 v 5 please ?

  2. Holy shitballs I just went nuts on that sniper. Great match. Definitely be watching all this later.

  3. Awesome matches, see all of them last night.

    Congratulations to Muteki, Sasori, Nuki, Shiki and Keshin. Also the 4 DJ's & 1 Boxer team, Seki is sick.

  4. That video starts with the quarterfinals i think
    nuki's team beats kurahashi's team
    tsuji's team beats akynd ok, hitsuji sg, orenron bl, asteka bl, tzw gu?
    onucho di, yomiaido ry, oku ch? beats yaya's team
    dj team beats tama's team

  5. That stream was the greatest.


  6. Still the best blog! Thanks alot
    Do you still play?

  7. Hi Nestor! I try to say hello to the dontblowthis guys sometimes that's it though.

  8. Hey, NH2! There are new videos at the video section of the Danisen Battle website, which you haven't talked about! It looks like Sasori joined Nuki and the others.

    Thanks for the SBO qual videos which have been uploaded!


  9. that reversal dragon out of dizzy vs Claw super (I assume) was too sick.

    Also, of course the Yoga Sniper, ridic.