Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gamest Cup Videos 050394

ArgusDCssf2X uploaded more videos from the 1994 Super Turbo national tourney. Take a look at the player report for profiles of Katou (加藤) "Foosuke" (DeeJay, Dhalsim, etc.) and Okunishi (奥西) "Ikuradon" (Blanka, Chun.)

Part One

Tokyo area qualifiers. The Chun-Li player here, Ohnuki (大貫), isn't the modern SFA2, 3S, ST, SF4 champ; they have different first names.

Part Two

Main event round one. Some footage of Ikuradon's hop trickery.

Part Three

Quarterfinals. Yoga Foolishness @4:14

Part Four

Semifinals. Don't miss Foosuke's Nagata Shougatsu Happy New Year Special flub at the end.

Part Five

Third place match.

Part Six

Finals. Posted here a while back with pictures of the finalists.


  1. Good shit.
    Do you have any info on the players of the 3rd place match?

  2. Unfortunately not. Also the players in these videos are identified by only real names. Since I don't know many of those for the current crew I can't say who was there way back then.

    Somewhere along the way (in between SFA3 and CVS1?) there was a transition from using real names to nick names. This happened in both US and Japan I guess concurrent with more people getting on the internet.

  3. Wow, these are f****** treasures man.
    Good stuff Nohoho

  4. It's funny how game-play dramatically changed over the years, all those throw attempts aren't as safe as they were :)

    I really think SSF2 blew all the top players out of the arcades @1993/1994 :(