Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh No! - X-Mania X Results 082309

45 teams

1st Seki (DJ), Otochun (Chun), Gunze (Zangief)
2nd Tamashima (Boxer), Inomata (Hawk), Shogatsu (O.Honda)
3rd Hakase (Dhalsim), Yoshimura (Dhalsim), Noguchi (Claw)

Finals block:

O Inomata - Yoshimura X
O Inomata - Hakase X
X Inomata - Noguchi O
O Tamashima - Noguchi X

X Gunze - Yoshimura O
O Otochun - Yoshimura X
O Otochun - Noguchi X
O Otochun - Hakase X

X Inomata - Seki O
X Tamashima - Seki O
X Shogatsu - Seki O

XSPR sent some pictures. Thank you!

Yoshio subbing for Foosuke for a bit.

Team Dragon - Kurahashi, Yuu, Noguchi.

Triple T.Hawk team doing their thing.


  1. Dang, who did Kurahashi/Yuu/ARG lose to?

  2. Whoa, you are too quick with your updates! I just got home from this (had lunch/dinner after the tournament). Turned on my PC to send you some shitty blurry pics from the event, then check your blog and sure enough, there are two updates about it. So tired, need sleep, but things got started a little late (at least an hour and a half I think) but 18 cabinets ( = 36 screens) of ST goodness with the best players on the planet to keep us distracted. Very sorry to disappoint anyone rooting for Team USA, as we got taken out pretty quickly by Choshyu's yellow Ken.

  3. hot pizza soldiers! (with japanese hot ingredient)


    Great day.

  4. The Dude -

    They lost to the double Dhalsim team. I can't remember how it went exactly but Noguchi won the claw mirror match.

    XSPR -

    Brian was looking good first round but it looked like a flash kick got stuffed (?) or something. Thank you for the pics man.

  5. Hoping for a DVD this year...just couldn't stay awake to watch the end :(

  6. ARG and YuuVega teamed up and didn't win?!!! Guess you can't have too much of a good thing. Ha ha.

  7. Hey XSPR... have you got any other pictures from X-Mania?

    if so any chance you could email me?

  8. Sure, DNA, although my camera was acting kind of strange that day and most of the shots I got were blurry. Where should I email them?

    btw I think I forgot to mention, I met Chunkis (sp?) from srk the night before X-Mania at the arcade, unfortunately he had to fly back the next morning but still had a chance to play the Osaka players.

    My friend who has lived in Osaka for the past year said that Osaka players really get into the game, and play on that other level, including playing on it with low tier characters, but Tokyo players are more technical.