Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vampire Savior - DCC4 News Plus Alpha

Art by Gorobots.

Darkstalkers Combination Cup 4

The fourth Darkstalkers Combination Cup is scheduled for September 20th. Vampire Hunter singles and Vampire Savior 2on2. There are a few videos from earlier events on the official site here. Vols 8, 9 and 10 — the DCC3 Orekon (Felicia) & Ouchi (Jedah) vs. Shimatsuya (Jedah) & kaji (Lilith) match — are really hot.

For Vampire Savior, there will be five preliminary contests all over Japan. The first one will take place during Nagoya Monogatari 6 the first week of May.

DD and Company's New Diagram

DD Sasquatch recently posted a new Vampire Savior character ranking chart over here. He consulted with the following players: Kosho, Kaji, Shu, Chikyu, KEN and Hai-iro. (The version one committee included Buzz, Sakamoto, Ego and Sasunii, too.)

Figures that changed notably from version one (per Chikyu's input, mostly) are colored green. Two tentative Gallon figures are colored red. DD goes into some detail about why those are hard to pin down.

Shimatsuya Kumite Vids 022109

After the February VS tournament at Mikado, everyone lined up to take a crack at Shimatsuya Jedah.


090221_11.zip - Kosho (Bulleta), kaji (Lilith)
090221_12.zip - DD (Sasquatch), Sakamoto (QB)
090221_13.zip - KEN (Gallon), Buzz (Gallon)
090221_14.zip - MAB (Gallon), zaberu (Zabel)
090221_15.zip - OraQ (QB), Sasunii (Lilith)
090221_16.zip - Shou (Aulbath), Himajin (Lei-Lei)
090221_17.zip - Sasazuka (Lei-Lei), Ego (Lei-Lei)
090221_18.zip - Chapa (Anakaris), Shu (Bishamon), Namu (Lilith)


  1. thx nohoho, glad to see a return to VSAV infos.

  2. Lots of events happening these days! Here's some scoop on the latest in Gian's Recital:
    http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=186755 Place was packed.

  3. Great post, man. Nice one taking out Ponymura. Video from that day is on the stickam archive, btw:
    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

  4. As a Talbain player, I'm interested in knowing what they had to say about those matchups. Or like, if they say how those green matchups have changed since then, I'd like to know (as far as I knew, for example, Talbain vs. Bish/Morrigan was always 7/3).

  5. Oh hi here's the gist/very rough tl

    When Talbain gets close is hard for QB to deal with throw [option select rh stuff] but otoh Talbain is wide easy to hit with QBs four hit chain combo so that hurts.

    Talbain heavy hit
    QB attack loop, defeating guard
    Tricky match

    Basically the cat has the advantage. Hard to anti air her jump fierce. Dash strong mixup yadda yadda. Very good low rh.

    Nevertheless werewolfs air to air attacks and air-to-surface beast for anti air / beating felicia low rh get a chance to mix her up in corner.
    Felicia ESGC doesn't hit well.

    Its tough for talbain but hard to put a number on.