Monday, March 23, 2009

Gian Recital News for March

Singles @ Game Newton - March 14th
38 Entrants
1 Shiro (Ryu)
2 AFO (Blanka)
3 Buta Gorilla [Shogatsu] (O.Honda)
4 tomo (Ryu)

Tournament Report


3on3 @ Mikado -- March 21st
13 Teams
1 Shiro, Shogatsu, Taira
2 Gian, YuuVega, yaya
3 tomo, Kita, Takekawa


There are going to be some Kansai events next month:
Nagase Cup 6 at UFO plus a 2on2 tourney at A-cho.

A bit of local action:
Your humble blog editor taking some lumps over here. Also Damdai vs. top Florida player Mavrick here. Thank you Kajoq for the vids.


  1. @nohoho: I've seen Komoda do the cross up ball xx super in the corner, and now AFO at 1:58, but I could never figure out how to do it. I've read a few things here and there on how to execute it, but it never worked. Since you're a Blanka player, can you shed some light on this?

    Also, this here:

    At 1:08 YuuVega actually takes what appears to be a full step forward before unleashing the super. You can clearly see that it fooled Saitou, who probably thought he was going to walk-up throw after the block string.

    Only other player I've seen do this is Taira. It looks like Chun-Li's stored super, even though it doesn't function anything like it. Do you have any clue on how they're doing this? If not, can you find out?

  2. Re: bison - You are able to retain your charge for a few frames after pressing forward.

  3. I love the C/U lk> st. mp x2> cr. mp combo on Honda. I try to pull that out when I can. Total charged me up to see AFO play Blanka so well in that match up!

    Thanks for the post!

  4. Fatboy, is the C/U lk> st. mp x2> cr. mp combo that you mentioned possible against other characters also?

  5. 643 - For ball -> super, if your opponent is on the right

    charge left, right + fierce, left + punch

    That'll work. The final joystick motion counts as a "back" and a "towards" since you've crossed them up.

    An easy way play around with it is to get a mame cheat file (< google that) and turn on invincibility for p2 and have them stand just outside the corner. Then you can ball right through them and super back the other way.

    002 - Close move x2 often fails against skinny characters like Chun, Dhalsim etc. You get a far strong. Otherwise I think that it works against most chars.

  6. You should of broke out O.Ryu against Wong...

  7. I like fighting against his O.Ken with Blanka.

  8. Ah. Good for you, keep on working for those wins like a real man.