Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mikado 3on3 Videos 122708 update3

These videos are from a tournament that took place the night before X-Mania 9. Please download only one file at a time.

By the way, the next Mikado ST tourney is another 3on3 that's scheduled for 8pm (Tokyo) March 21st. Likely streamed live here.

First batch. - Higashi (DJ), Shu (Ken), Tsuka (Cammy) vs. Choshu (Ken), Muu (Dhalsim), Kita (Chun) - Kotaka Shokai (Guile), Akabla (Blanka), Kawamata (Ryu) vs. Sashishi (Ryu), Achishi (Ryu), Yuzuru (DJ) - N Oah (Boxer), Dainashi Boy (Hawk), Atomic Boy (Zangief) vs. Ashitana (O.Ryu), T.Akiba (Blanka), Akira (Boxer) - Gotoh (Ryu), MAO (Claw), Prince (Chun) vs. Gunze (Zangief), Kusumond (Honda), Mattsun (Ken) - Kikai (Guile), Nia (Honda), Yoshio (Guile) vs. YuuVega (Dictator), Nakamu (Blanka), Roku (Honda)

EDIT: Second batch. - Cha Bozu (O.Sagat), Chikuo (Hawk), Homer (Hawk) vs. Taira (Dictator), Gian (Dhalsim), Shiro (Ryu) - Milky (Dictator), Toukon (Chun), USA (Boxer) vs. Komoda Blanka, Shogatsu (O.Honda), Buhi? [Pony] (Zangief) - ARG (Claw), Noguchi (Fei), Futachan (Ryu) vs. Tonegawa (Ken), KKY (Dhalsim), The SuperStar (Boxer) - Choshu (Ken), Muu (Dhalsim), Kita (Chun) vs. Nakamura (Cammy), Yokkun (Dictator), Akashachi Kancho (Blanka)

EDIT2: Third batch.

Four second round matches.

EDIT3: Fourth batch.

Semis, 3rd place and finals.


  1. Chikuo (Hawk)<--- mhhhhhh...

    Chikyuu uses Hawk too.


  2. Hey nohoho, I have a question. The ST scene has gone through a lot of people and plenty of people (like Daigo) have moved onto other games. Why do you think the current ST diehards like Gian stick with ST.

    And one more, out of the people who currently play, who would you say is the best? Is there a clear best? If not, who seems the scariest to the rest of the competition?

    Just some random questions that came to mind. :D

  3. im not nohoho but its pretty safe to say that otochun is the biggest winner

  4. 728 - I can't speak for other players but what I like about playing an old game is that the game itself fades away and it becomes all about the players. Their strengths, weaknesses idiosyncrasies you know?

    Like I say, I can't speak for those diehard guys but as far as it goes they just keep moving forward. This year what was the "club sega 5on5" is being expanded into a major with qualifiers, etc. I'll post about it later.

    Yeah Otochun has the most majors. YuuVega has won the most this winter, though. He took 2nd in this Mikado event, won X-Mania, A-cho Olympics and a handful of Newton ranbats.

    Futachan has been dazzling lately. Great show in the finals above (that's him using HF color) also wailed on a lot of top guys at the last couple A-cho events.

  5. 06 Chikuo (TH), Homer (TH), Cha Bozu (OS) vs Taira (DI).wmv

    07 Milky (DI), Toukon (CH), USA (BX) vs Pony (ZA).wmv

    08 Noguchi (FE), Futachan (RY), ARG (CL) vs KKY (DH), The SuperStar (BX).wmv

    09 Choshu (KE), Muu (DH), Kita (CH) vs Nakamura (CA), Yokkun (DI), Akashachi Kancho (BL).wmv

    10 Akira (BX), T.Akiba (BL), Ashitana (OR) vs Kotaka Shokai (GU), Kawamata (RY), Akabla (BL).wmv

    11 Roku (EH), Nakamu (BL), YuuVega (DI) vs MAO (CL), Gotoh (RY), Prince (CH).wmv

    12 Taira (DI), Shiro (RY), Gian (DH) vs Shogatsu (OH), Komoda (BL), Buhi [Pony] (ZA).wmv

    13 Futachan (RY), ARG (CL), Noguchi (FE) vs Yokkun (DI), Nakamura (CA), Akashachi Kancho (BL).wmv

    14 Kawamata (RY), Kotaka Shokai (GU), Akabla (BL) vs Roku (EH), Nakamu (BL).wmv

    15 Taira (DI) vs Akashachi Kancho (BL), Yokkun (DI), Nakamura (CA).wmv

    16 Nakamura (CA), Yokkun (DI), Akashachi Kancho (BL) vs Komoda (BL).wmv

    17 Futachan (RY) vs Yuuvega (DI), Roku (EH), Nakamu (BL).wmv