Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vampire Savior West Winner's Cup Vids 031007

Bow uploaded some movies from the Vampire Savior Ranking Battle -West- special event, Winner's Cup. Past ranbat winners got to skip the early blocks and proceed straight to the final eight bracket.

BTW, it seems like Shiimaro is an alternate nickname for Zabel player CAA. Maybe.
password: vpsw

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vsrkbw07a.avi - Dara (Demitri) vs. Buppa Shokunin (Sasquatch)
vsrkbw07b.avi - bow (Aulbath) vs. Kenta (Demitri)
vsrkbw07c.avi - Shiimaro (Zabel) vs. Deka (Lei-Lei)
vsrkbw07d.avi - Oshabu (Lilith) vs. Oboro (Victor)
vsrkbw07e.avi - Shokunin vs. bow
vsrkbw07f.avi - Oboro vs. Shiimaro

vsrkbw07g.avi - 3rd Place: bow vs. Oboro

vsrkbw07h.avi - Finals: Shokunin vs. Shiimaro


  1. Is there any way you can repost this with the other VS vids? I cant get the filebank to work right and I really want these vids.

    MSG me on SRK if you can.


  2. Here's the newest set:

    I think I put the older ones on CD. I'll take a look.