Monday, February 12, 2007

a-cho Olympics 021007 & 021107

A-cho held their All CAPCOM Historical-vsgame Olympic tournament this past weekend. The ST and VS finalists were all usual suspects -- it doesn't look like any "2D Gods" shook things up. Very few Kanto area players showed up, anyway.

ShiroItachi didn't win anything, which is nice. (He used Akuma to beat Otochun in the Olympic ST finals a few years ago... Akuma has been banned since then.)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo
84 Entrants

1st: ARG (Claw)
2nd: Macky7 (Boxer)
3rd: Aniken
4th: Kimomaru (Dictator)

Vampire Savior
60 Entrants

1st: Shiimaro (Zabel)
2nd: T2ya (Zabel)
3rd: Dara (Demitri)
4th: bow (Aulbath)

(parentheses: games where they earned points)

1st: ARG (3S, ST)
2nd: Nakanishi (CVS2, 3S, ST, VS)
2nd: Ringo (3S)

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